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Nov 26, 2021 - 11:32AM

My first time being censored (Great Firewall!)

So I'm on Upwork, and this client is like 'hey go into my server' and I try to ping google to see if there is some wierd firewall issue blocking another thing I'm trying to do.

Huh, I can't ping google, wonder what's going on with ufw. Oh it's not even installed. iptables? Empty. DJdjfksaljhflkhf?

I happen to look through command history of a user (am root, am bad sysadmin HEHEHE) and they pinged bAiDu?!?!?! u.u okay, let's try that. IT WORKS. Hey wait where is this server. Oh it's not a server, well it is, it's a small server hosted at home in a test environment for me...IN CHINA! AHA. CALL ME A CYBERMONGOL. Huh.

That's something new.

Nov 08, 2021 - 3:26PM

will this be here

Oct 12, 2021 - 2:03PM

Helping students cheat on homework as an alternative to leetcode

Hello, fellow third worlders! How's your family? Still living indignantly in poverty? I know, right. But hey, you're learning to code. That's something! Code is edible, delicious. Mind pizza, soul beer.

Here's the thing - you like code challenges. You want to feed your family. You want to buy your mother something, show her that all those disciplined years (DECADES) meant something for you and that she means so much to you. Her tired nights, her sacrifices, her yelling at you to study after she comes home from working all day. Father gone, mother all alone. Father tired, mother with many children, still everlasting in her love.

Christ the mother. Rest rest (her heart infinite but heavy. oh the weight).

But really you'd be here all by yourself. Not here on this page, I mean here in the code country, with use. The truth is you love it. When HNers say 'we', you imagine yourself pluralized in that same first person. WE the hackers. No borders, no borders. Internet isn't land, internet is ocean.

Grind on leetcode? Well let me teach you a lesson, sweet son, sweet little angel prince: all of these CS challenges are given to university students as homework. So fuck it, go on Upwork and get paid.

But the pay is shit

Right? The pay, always so shit. Aye aye. How much is leetcode paying you, anyway? Oh yeah nothing. How much are you being paid for your 5 paragraph HN comments about GCC optimizing flags? Hahaha. Suffering is only suffering without meaning. With meaning, what is it? I don't care, it doesn't pay. Do the same shit and get paid.

Write, do homework. The same writing! The same code challenges! Just you get paid! FFS people (of the third world)!

Now i feed my mama who fed me. God, loving father of heaven. Your mother loves God. Feed her, she's so tired. Love your mother and your father in heaven.

That's unethical!

Hunger, loneliness. Warm meal with family, with nieces and nephews, happy glasses full of wine, laughter laughter. Your duty is to your mother on earth and your father in heaven. These students are just slogging through studies they hate to get their working papers so they can approve loans. They aren't getting anything from this. Them passing, failing. does not matter.

Kant thought we only worry about means, not consequences. This is a false duality - by our means we probabilistically influence an end, always (even in ourselves, we never do, only try to make be - not the same thing, but really yes).

If you want to be ethical, help first world kids cheat on their homework. Do writing assignments that others will take credit for. Because all of this is better than doing it for fucking internet points. No more upcummies, upcummies are not good, upcummies are a greater evil. Money is a lesser good. But of the two, take money and spoil your mom.

She has done this for you.

Praise God every day, fill your heart with love until it overflows and pours all over everything you touch


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